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Introduction to the course


I have taught many Photography Beginners and Next Steps courses at North Herts College. I have also taught Photoshop Beginners and Next Steps courses. I've been a professional photographer since 1981 and have taught many photography and Photoshop courses at North Herts College. This page is about course content on my Photography Beginners course.


Course Requirements


To enrol on this course, you should;


Have a digital camera. It doesn't matter what type, although some models will allow you to do more. Cameras and settings are discussed on the course, so if you are considering buying a new camera, don't rush out and buy one before the course begins. During the course you will learn a lot about camera settings and pros and cons of different types of cameras. Many students have bought cameras during the course as a result of their increased knowledge of what they want in a camera.


Have an enthusiasm to learn about photography. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner to digital photography. This course is a comprehensive introduction to many areas of digital photography.


Be committed to practice. You are expected to complete homework assignments each week and email images to me, for feedback in class.




All classes are supported by detailed handouts. Handouts are emailed immediately after the class.



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photography Beginners course subjects


Composition, including; orientation, viewpoint, background, foreground, framing, define subject, placement of subject

Fundamental photography settings; aperture, shutter speed, ISO

Moving away from Auto to use Aperture Priority

Using shutter speed creatively

Using aperture creatively

Choosing and using a tripod




Night photography

Photographing fireworks

Action photography

Photographing people and portraits

Macro photography

Difficult lighting - understanding when, why and how to override the camera

Introduction to flash photography

Various camera settings, depending on type of photography

Accessories will be discussed and recommended in relevant lessons


examples of course subjects


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night photography