Student feedback on Photography and Photoshop courses

Student feedback given at the end of a course.


Fantastic course, in depth lessons and extremely knowledgeable tutor. Glen was extremely helpful to the group and individually too.

Excellent tutor, good mix of practical and taught. I'll be back for more

Absolutely fantastic course. I enjoyed it so much and have learnt a lot. I would now like to do the exteneded course to learn even more.

I have enjoyed every week of this course, found it fun, interesting & very knowledgeable. I can now use my new skill every day. Thank you.

A great course by an excellent tutor. My knowledge of photography has improved a great deal and I am now taking better photos.

Excellent introduction into beginners photography. Inspiring knowledgeable tutor.

I attended a photography course at Bedford College at the beginning of last years and this was far superior. Glen is an excellent tutor, with easy to follow presentations and instructions. The homework set was always relevant and constructive feedback also given. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others.

A great course by an excellent tutor. My knowledge of photography has improved a great deal and I am now taking better photos.

Great course really enjoyed it. Glen is enthusiastic about photography so makes it really interesting and fun! I've learnt a lot and look forward to putting what I've learnt into practice and taking some great photos.

Having been on a few evening courses over the years, I know that at the end of the course we get a chance to put forward feedback about the course and tutor. In the past, as I'm sure is the case with most students, my feedback, although positive, has been little more than basic.


However, on this occasion I wanted to reflect a little of the efforts I have received from my tutor (Glen Smith) over these 10 classes, by taking a few minutes to type out this feedback.


For me, Glen has made the Photograhy Next Steps Course thoroughly enjoyable & totally absorbing, whilst being immensely challenging.


Glen's years of real-world, hands-on experience enables him to deliver an incredibly professional course, with no related subject being too obscure for him, nor not question too simple to demand a complete answer from him.


Each week, Glen's delivery both within the classroom & college environment has seen the 2 hours fly by all too quickly.


His almost immediate follow-up email with in-depth notes, of what was covered in the lesson, has reinforced that evenings work.


With realistic homework set, Glen has always been available to clarify a point or offer some extra feedback between lessons - for which I have been, on more than one occasion, very, very grateful.


I can honestly say that, I could not have asked for more from any tutor than I have received willingly from Glen.

Good clear teaching not intense which made this enjoyable.

Really enjoyed it, learnt a lot in a small amount of time. Brilliant tutor, taught clearly and passionately.

Learnt so much, enjoyed greatly. Feel inspired.

Excellent course content. Inspired to use knowledge gained to take more pictures and invest in new equipment!

Excellent + learnt all I wanted to.

Great course - looking forward to doing more.

I feel my photos have improved a huge amount + will enjoy taking my photography further.

Learnt lots of new skills & really enjoyed the course.

A great insight into camera usage and techniques that I will use every time I pick my camera up. Great enthusiastic tutor.

Well structured course tailored to students interests & development areas. I enjoyed it.

Great. Loved the experience. The classes on composition and action photography were my favourites. Thank you.

Excellent tutor, easy to understand. Have learnt loads. Can't wait for course next level.

Excellent introduction into beginners photography. Inspiring knowledgeable tutor.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course. My photography skills have improved dramatically.

I have really enjoyed the course so far. It has taught me how much knowledge & practice you need to be a photographer. Very good course. Waiting for the next steps one :)

A very good in depth course about all aspects of photography, composition and camera settings.

Excellent course structured well with great facilitator. The course was excellent. Enjoyed it and look forward to next course.

Excellent course. Fully understand aperture, shutter speed + ISO + how each can be used for different effects. Enjoyed night + macro photography which I had no exposure to before.

I really enjoyed the 15 week course and have gained confidence and skills I didn't have when I first started the course. Glen has a lot of patience and always willing to help and guide others and encouraged to push ourselves a little further. I am hoping to enrol onto the next steps course and very much looking forward to expanding my skills and creativity during the course. Than you :)

I attended a photography course at Bedford College at the beginning of last years and this was far superior. Glen is an excellent tutor, with easy to follow presentations and instructions. The homework set was always relevant and constructive feedback also given. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others.

I found this course helpful in learning new skills and was given useful feedback on how to improve my photos. My tutor was friendly and helpful and had clear lesson plans showing examples for each part of the course.

Great course really enjoyed it. Glen is enthusiastic about photography so makes it really interesting and fun! I've learnt a lot and look forward to putting what I've learnt into practice and taking some great photos.

Excellent course giving me an introduction to photography - skills learnt to enable me to progress. Thank you.

An excellent course for beginners in photography. An excellent tutor and I have greatly enjoyed each week. I have learnt much and hopfully continue with further photography courses.

Course well organised - aims of each class clear. Students were asked what they wanted out of course. Student numbers maintained throughout course - a very good indicator of a successful course.

I really enjoyed the course - especially as I had previously attended the beginners course. I enjoyed being part of a group - we all gelled really well together - Glen made us all welcome. I liked the discipline of getting homework + completed most of the tasks each week. I was encouraged to practice + continue to practice going forwards.

When I started this course all I used on my Canon 1200D was A (Auto) mode. I now use Aperture Priority, Manual Mode. Every week I got so excited about the homework. I can't believe how much I have actually learned! I now take my camera everywhere with me and I actually look at everything so different. FABULOUS!!

The 15 week course was most enjoyable and I learnt a great deal of the subject. The tutor made everything clear and understandable. His knowledge of the subject was brilliant and he put if over in such a way it was great to be taught by him.

An enjoyable & informative course. Well presented. Considerable help in using a complicated piece of software.

This was a brilliantly run course and well organised by the tutor. The learning was relevant each week and clearly progressive. I have grown in confidence. I can only thank the tutor and his patience in allowing this to happen.

Glen Smith is extremely good a teaching both photography and Photoshop, both courses I have enjoyed greatly and gained much knowledge from.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this Photoshop beginners course and fully intend to sign on to the follow up course. I have enjoyed and benefitted and would recommend the course to anybody considering it. My tutor Glen was very knowledgeable, friendly and made the course worth doing.

Overall this course was absolutely great. With tutor continually enouraging and motivating us to improve, his deep knowledge and teaching skills are outstanding. I feel I want to continue with my studies and hope that college with organise a more advanced Photoshop course as demand is there.

An excellent and varied course as ever from a patient and expert teaching. Always a delight to attend even though the subject is very complex. Good practical projects mean your skills are fully utilised.

Glen knows how to run effective & enjoyable courses - able to adjust pace and content to a group with a range of abilities!

Excellent course - so clearly instructed & taught. - Tutor made time for personal support at home (email) and in class. - Materials fully help scaffold learning so that outcomes were achieved. - Tutor was encouraging to all and gave appropriate & genuine praise where earnt.

I am extremely happy with the course and hope to continue with lots of practice to improve the skills I've learned. It would be good for me to learn how to work with a computer for my photograpy. The course enabled me to think about subjects in photography which are different from the photography I have been doing.

I'm grateful for the opportunity + it's been beyond my expectations in so many respects: It's give me an avenue for creativity that I didn't have opportunity to develop previously. I realise how much pleasure I get from taking photos. Glen taught the course in a manner that was both efficient in terms of giving lots of information + keeping us on track but also in a relaxed way that made it a break from the stresses of life + so much fun. It's left me wanting to do more + confident to meet the challenges of getting to grips with my camera and the techniques. Many, many thanks both to Glen and to Carers in Herts.

May we PLEASE have more courses. I think my tutor has a great way of informing our class @ different levels and we helped and was encouraged to help each other.

This has been a big learning curve for me - but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Glen is a kind + patient teacher who is good a getting us all to push ourselves to learn + emphasized the need to practice. The group was a lovely size + very friendly + supportive of each other. I look forward to the next steps course in Sept!

Every week of this course was a delight. Glen found time in each lesson to help any person that needed guidance. Glen is a fantastic teacher.

Yet again I have enjoyed the course as I did with previous 2 photographic courses I have attended with Glen Smith as tutor. I have on all occasions found Glen to be an excellent tutor, easy to follow, listen to, and learn from. I now look forward to attending the Photoshop next steps course to further improve my post photography.

I have found the Photoshop course for beginners very enjoyable and am sorry not to be able to complete the course (due to moving away). Glen is an excellent tutor and has taught me many skills. The class size was appropriate to enable him to give lots of 1:1 tuition and individual attention when required. There is weekly homework and handouts which are excellent. Glen is skillful, knows his subject and has passon on his knowledge of Photoshop in an encouraging way. I would recommend the beginners Photoshop course to anyone interested in photo editing. My thanks to Glen.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel my skill level has definitely improved. I am looking forward to practicing what I have learnt. Thank you Glen.

Thank Glen for all knowledge I have gained over the last 15 weeks. Thank you.

I have learnt so much on this course. It was so much more than I expected. I would highly recommend it.

I've enjoyed every aspect of this course and look forward to attending other courses.

I feel as though my photography skills have improved throughout the course and I now have a much better understanding of how my camera works and how I am able to use it.

I have found the course to be very enjoyable and informative. My skills have improved and I believe my photography is better for attending this course. I very much look forward to the 'advanced' course in the future.

I have really enjoyed this course. It is my 3rd course with Glen & I intend to do a further course with him. The lessons are carefully planned & cover groups & individual needs. I cannot believe how much Glen has taught me over this & other courses & I have really enjoyed the learning process. I have fully enjoyed & learnt something new & valuable to me in every lesson.

Very well run set of assignments. Took into account peoples skill levels. Pushed us to challenge in areas not yet used. Will be looking forward to adding Photoshop to my skills.

From the time I started to where I am now I have come a long way. Thanks to Glen Smith for helping me all the way. I am very grateful.

The course was very enjoyable and I learnt and developed a lot. Feedback was very constructive and we were encouraged to develop week on week. The course was very thorough and in depth and I would highly recommend it to others.

Glen is great - as always!

I have enjoyed the course & have good knowledge of photography. Follow on courses would be good to improve myself in the future. Photoshop would be needed asap.

I really enjoyed the course and it challenged me throughout. It was a great group and Glen really helped us all to improve greatly. I especially enjoyed the night photography and landscapes. I definitely want to do another course and also learn how to use Photoshop. My photograhy has improved so much through this course and I am no longer scared of all the settings and buttons on my camera! Thank you Glen!

Excellent course. The tutor was extremely knowledgable & helped by expressing things clearly. A number of things were very new to me & I am so glad I came along to learn about these things i.e. Raw, panning - action shots, ISO etc. I look forward to the next course.

I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt so much fom this course. We learnt so many more parts of photography than I expected. It made me enjoy certain styles of photograhy I'd never considered before like action photography. Each lesson was very informative and enjoyable. Thank you Glen.

Glen was very friendly & helpful. I have had my camera for a few years & now finally know how to use it. Glen made me believe in myself that I could do it.

Really enjoyed the course. Learned lots. Thank you :)

Thoroughly enjoyable course. Glen's knowledge and skills have been invaluable to me and my photography has improved dramtically. At the beginning the course I could only take pictures in Auto and by the end I feel comfortable shooting in Aperture Priority.

I have found Glen very informative and extremely helpful when I was stuck. He made the class an enjoyable evening and I look forward to the next course with him.

This is the 5th course I have attended with Glen & have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Glen is very easy to understand, is very patient if we go wrong or need any additional help. Glen always starts the lesson by reviewing all our homework which also helps us all to learn and get new ideas. I have enjoyed learning Photoshop & look forward to repeating the intermediate course again in September as there is so much to learn. Thank you Glen for your patience and excellent teaching.

Always a good course with lively class input! Course notes excellent with plenty of guidance and detail. Topics always discussed so they are relevant to class.

This is the fifth course I have attended with Glen as my tutor and have enjoyed every week of it. Yet again I can say I have learned a great deal of how to use Photoshop and Glens teaching practice has made this easy for me. So I am already looking forward to enrolling for the next course.

A most enjoyable course with Glen Smith again. I have learnt so much about Photoshop and have the confidence to attempt difficult tasks. Glen is an exceptional tutor, always so enthusiastic and encouraging. He always instructs in a very easy way for us to understand and is quite willing to help us individually if we struggle over a task. I am looking forward to another course in September. Thank you for inspiring Thursdays.

My observations of Glen Smith as a tutor:


1. Absolute expert in photography (all aspects).

2. Clearly defined teaching material and teaching structure.

3. Teaching handouts very well constructed and informative.

4. Homework set each week to ensure we understand what has been taught in class.

5. Thoroughly good course.

2 favourite things on course: feedback on homework - always constructive! The huge variety of things we've learnt. 2 Your help when we struggle to grasp something.


2 least favourite things on course: nothing - the course is fantastic and I've recommended it to friends.


Fantastic course - full of content and variety. Feedback on homework is constructive and hugely appreciated. It's been great fun and I hope to do another of your courses soon.

2 favourite things - when homework is reviewed at the beginning of each class, to see what you can improve on. Working with others to help each other with certain aspects of Photoshop they may be struggling with.

2 least favourite things - n/a

I have really enjoyed the course and feel as though my Photoshop skills have greatly improved since the beginning of the course.

2 favourite things - better backgrounds. Great manipulation.

2 least favourite things - homework, only due to time constraints

Enjoy seeing feedback from other photos

This is my 3rd next steps course and I am signing up for another course - so I think that reflects well on how much I enjoy the course. The class is a lovely size & everyone gets on well. Made some great friends!

Attended several courses in Photoshop and enjoyed every one. Our tutor Glen Smith is amazing - so enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Also so patient if we experience difficulties. He has taught us so much and his handouts are very detailed and helpful. There is so much to learn in Photoshop so looking forward to next course.

A most enjoyable course and I have learnt alot from it. So much so that I have signed up for another course on the same subject.

Excellent course, many thanks to Glen

2 favourite things - Enthusiasm and encouragement of tutor. Small group. Thank you!

I have really enjoyed the course & feel I have gained invaluable knowledge about my camera & the subjects covered. I feel much more confident with controlling the camera - Thank you!

Very good, have already recommended the course.

Really enjoyed all the classes. Learnt so much and met some great people.

I didn't know how bad I was at photography until I signed up to this course. I've gained so much knowledge in the 15 lessons. So thank you.

2 favourite things: the feedback from our photos. The explanation of the subjects. The teacher.

2 least favourite things: not much, can't dislike it really.

I can see nothing to improve really. It was great. Good course.

Favourite things: weekly lesson structure & photo feedback. Time taken to explain & good nature of lecturer

Least favourite things: first classroom very hot - better once moved. Perhaps an improved projector screen?

Great classmates. First class experienced lecturer. Great course content. Just what I needed. Great value for money. Wish it hadn't ended.

Favourite things: homework feedbac - very effective. Small groups - more time one on one.

Least favourite things: NONE

This course has been amazing. The amount I have learnt in such a short time is brilliant. Can't wait to come back!


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